Avocado & Green Clay Facial Bar

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BEST SELLING SOAP!! Avocado oil gives rich creamy lather and is packed with vitamins A, E and D. Aztec green clay has been historically used to remove skin impurities and grape seed oil has been noted as a lightweight oil that feels moisturizing. Ideal for face but it is great for an allover bar – Don’t be bullied by labels! Ingredients: Avocado oil, palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, Aztec green clay, vitamin E oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), distilled water. The final product is a beautiful green color with a smooth creamy texture. Each purchase is 4oz total soap All my soap is made by cold process and aged for 2-4 weeks to make a gentle yet cleansing bar. When the soap arrives at your home it is ready to be used immediately and should be used within a few months. Keeping your soap dry between uses will make your bar last for a long time. This product is not intended to treat any condition or disease. Please consult a medical professional for appropriate treatment.